Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Paracas, covers an area of ​​335,000 hectares, of which 117,406 are land and 217,594 marine waters.

Visitors to Paracas, enjoy the observed ecosystems, archaeological remains of the Paracas culture, where San Martin disembarked and the great diversity of marine life found in the area. It is located on the East coast of the Paracas Bay, north of the peninsula of the same name. It is located 22 km south of Pisco, 75 km and 261 km from Lima.

Its climate has an average annual temperature of 22 ° C, the weather is almost always sunny. It is a very windy area whose very strong air currents carrying sand with an average speed of 25 km / h with a maximum of 60 km / h.

On September 7, 1820, in this city there was the landing of the six ships of the Liberation Army under General José de San Martín as part of the Liberating Expedition of Peru.

The main attractions of this resort are its mild climate, its beach, their residences to the sea, the hotel and its restaurants with traditional local and sea food based on fish and seafood.

Since its fishing port, excursions start to visit the Ballestas islands and Chincha Islands.

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