Thursday, October 9, 2014


Amazon is famous for its foggy forests, areas with stunning microclimates with its intense humidity favors a lot of plants like orchids and bromeliads and animals like bears and Andean cock of the rocks. 

The capital, Chachapoyas, narrow streets and a large square, as shown retains its colonial past beautiful mansions and balconies. 

From there excursions to the impressive Kuelap citadel built by the Chachapoyas, a seasoned people who for years resisted the Inca settlement can be made. 

Located at the top of rocky hills and protected by a huge defensive wall.

Can also visit the Lake of the Condors or Mummy, cataract and the Chinata Sarcophagi Karaj√≠a admirable clay tombs located two meters high on a rocky mountain. 

Ancient cradle of civilization of the Chachapoyas, the city was subjected to the Inca Empire in the s. XV and later, after the conquest, founded by the Spaniards with the name of Chachapoyas.

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