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Places to visit in Peru

1) Arequipa Colca Canyon 
Arequipa is known as the "White City" because of the white volcanic ashlar used to build their churches and stone houses exquisite monasteries. Wonderful semi-desert landscape surrounding the city center a few hours by the Colca Valley and Colca Canyon, known to be the deepest in the world at 9,842 feet.

2) Chiclayo - Calling all archaeologists 
Chiclayo in colonial times would have been a simple village that sat incongruously on the road between Lambayeque and Zaa. Recent archaeological discoveries Tcume pyramids, the Lord of Sipan tomb at Sipan with, among others, making them available for all to see and admire.

3) The Sacred Valley
The main section in the Inca Sacred Valley is located between the towns of Pisac and Ollantaytambo and rewards visitors having a lot of well-preserved Inca ruins, having once been the heart of the Inca Empire. Adventure seekers can go rafting, mountain biking or hiking in one of the many ancient Inca Trails within the area.

4) Huaraz and the Cordilleras
The ridges are called the Cordillera Blanca and very often the "Switzerland of South America" from the snowy peaks, turquoise blue lagoons and spectacular mountain scenery. Huaraz, the nearest town, is truly one of the most ancient civilizations of Peru and is also home to the splendid Huascaran National Park.

5) Amazon 
For people who love nature and biodiversity, provides a full range of lush vegetation and animals. The area is well kept for providing some of the richest types of birds and mammals in the world and a lot of amphibians, insects and reptiles.

6) The capital of Lima Peru
As a gateway to the country, Lima is usually a bustling metropolis. 's Historic center is filled with colonial buildings and is home to one of the best museums in South America, the Larco Herrera.

7) The Nazca Lines
The Nazca lines include things like wonderful huge figure types and lines become the work of his ancient Peruvian civilization and set on a plateau from the arid desert. You should see in the air will enjoy spectacular geometries short flight in a light aircraft.

8) Paracas
Paracas Peru would be the destination for nature lovers and bird watchers. There is much history in the city to attract visitors, in addition to its water sports of windsurfing, diving and fishing in the ocean.

9) Trujillo
For those who consider archaeological and historical tours, Trujillo provides pre-Inca locations such Huaca de la Luna, Huaca del Sol, plus the ancient capital of Scotland-built mud Chan Chan that help you explore the ruins and ancient civilizations after that flourished here.

10) Puno and Lake Titicaca
Titicaca could be the highest navigable lake in the world that contains the Uros, Taquile and Amantini Islands. As folklore capital of Peru, Puno offers alternatives to tourism archeology, living culture and nature tourism and biodiversity of Peru. Peru shares with Bolivia and the river combines many people check out both countries time zone.

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